Studio Policies – Jenny Andersen Music Studio 

30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
$30.00/lesson $42.50/lesson $55.00/lesson
Lesson Fees:
All tuition fees are to be paid in advance on a monthly basis (all lessons taking place within the month will be invoiced at once) and are due on or before the first lesson of the month.  Invoices will be issued at the beginning of each month.  These will be sent by E-mail, and statements (showing receipt of payment) also be provided to the student upon request at the end of the month. 
Please review your invoice each month and provide payment on time.  Please make electronic arrangements for payment (Interac E-mail transfer, etc.) if you are absent from the first lesson of the month. If there is an issue in paying at the beginning of the month, please contact me to make alternate arrangements.

A late payment fee of $15 will be charged for payments not received by the first lesson of the month OR by the 10th of the month, whichever is later.  Reminders will NOT be given for late payments. 
Tuition can be paid through the following methods of payment (please note that online-only lessons will require e-transfer):
  • Interac E-mail transfer (use; please ensure correct spelling of my last name!)
  • Cash (please provide correct change)
  • Cheque (made payable to Jenny Andersen)
Students wishing to take temporary/infrequent lessons (e.g. coachings, etc.) are absolutely welcome to do so depending on availability, and can join my weekly Coachings List to receive a text each Sunday with upcoming availability for that week (created by student cancellations, etc).  Lessons taking place at venues outside my home studio will not normally be considered during the regular teaching year, and are subject to a $15.00 out-of-studio charge (within the Vancouver area) or a $20.00 charge (elsewhere within the Lower Mainland).
Lesson fees include:
  • Reservation of your weekly and/or bi-weekly lesson.  Once you have paid your lesson fees for the month and scheduled your lesson time, it is held just for you.
  • A fully private lesson tailored to your individual needs.
  • Preparation for recitals, examinations (including exam schedules), competitions, auditions, and other artistic endeavours. 
Lesson fees do not include:
  • The cost of music books, recording devices or other materials.  For sheet music purchases of SINGLE-SONG, PRINTABLE items (not books/compilations/etc.) which need to go through myself, 50% of the charge of the sheet music will be the responsibility of the student and will be billed on the next month’s invoice.  I will ask prior to purchase if the price is amenable to you.  
  • Accompanist or masterclass fees. 
  • Fees associated with contests, exams, etc.   
Student Attendance, Cancellations and Make-Ups: 

I aim to create as consistent a teaching schedule as possible. I encourage students to make sure that they keep their regular lesson time free of other commitments so that they can benefit from the growth they'll experience with consistent lessons!  However, I am also aware that performances, auditions and illness can and will occur, and I want to support students by providing flexibility where I’m able.

If you do need to miss a lesson, please contact me as soon as you know at, or text/call me at 778-386-9358.  Student lesson cancellations are dealt with in the following manner:
  • For all cancellations with more than 48 hours notice, the student is NOT charged for the lesson, and any credit is moved forward towards subsequent lessons. (If you are able to let me know before the Sunday of the upcoming week, that helps me accommodate my Coachings List students.)
  • For all cancellations of 24-48 hours, I will make a note.  If there are three or more cancellations in the year within 24-48 hours, the student will be charged 50% of their lesson fee for day-of cancellations from that time forward OR can opt for a make-up lesson, at a time which is convenient within my schedule.
  • For all cancellations of 24 hours or less, 50% of the lesson fee will be charged (unless the spot can be filled by a Coachings List student), OR you may opt for a make-up lesson.
  • For lessons missed without any notice whatsoever, the entire lesson will be charged.
  • For lessons missed due to insufficient practice (eg., “I didn’t have enough time to practice this week!”), 50% of the lesson fee will be charged.  You will progress if you attend lessons regularly, regardless of ebbs and flows in practice time!
  • Frequent cancellations over the course of several months may result in the loss of your weekly lesson spot.

If I need to cancel a lesson, I will work at arranging a make-up lesson with you if you so desire.  I may also be able to suggest a qualified sub to cover your lessons.  If not, I will automatically move any lesson credits forward and you will not be charged.
If you will be late to a lesson, please let me know by calling or texting (778) 386-9358.  I am unable to extend lesson times beyond your allocated time slot. 
If you need to discontinue lessons, any remaining lesson credits accrued during the year will stay on your account.  They are NOT refundable, but are transferable to other students.  Unless otherwise stated, credits will be applied at the current rate of lessons, not at any old rates.

Teacher Absences:
As an active professional in the performing arts (music and theatre), there will be times during the school year that I may have to cancel or postpone lessons due to performance contracts, tours, professional development or other artistic obligations.  This may range from sporadic conflicts, to projects lasting several weeks/a few months. 
If I am aware of any teaching conflicts before the beginning of each month, I will consult with each family separately as to whether the lesson will be paid for and make-up lessons given, or whether the lesson will be cancelled outright and no payment needed.  If teaching conflicts arise within the month, make-up lessons and/or lessons with qualified subs can either be scheduled, or payment credits towards the following month will be moved forward to the next scheduled lessons.
The studio will be closed during certain times of the year (Christmas, Spring Break, statutory holidays, etc.), and/or if I am on an out-of-town performing contract.  No tuition will be required for these weeks or make-up lessons given.  Students will receive ample notice of these dates. 

Consent to Photo & Video Use:
From time to time, I may use photos of students for promotional purposes on my website and social media.  I will also provide audience members with links to unlisted video performances in the case of virtual recital performances.  By signing this policy, you are consenting to the general use of your/the student’s photos and videos for these listed purposes.  However, you may opt out at any time, or from specific projects/usages, by letting me know. If you have any questions or concerns regarding photo/video usage, or do not consent, please also let me know.

Teacher Contact Policy:
Please contact me via E-mail ( for most questions, scheduling and billing inquiries, lesson information, etc.  This allows me to flag and archive our communication more easily than text.  Please allow 48-72 hours for a reply, particularly during Thursdays-Sundays.
If you will be late or absent from a lesson that day, or otherwise need to get a hold of me quickly (e.g., if a family member needs to get a hold of a student while in their lesson), please text me at 778-386-9358. 
I will be sending out studio-wide e-mails frequently – it is crucial you read the entire e-mail as there will be important items to attend to for each student.  To the best of my ability, I will attempt to allow 48-72 hours for a reply from you for emailed information.  If the response is more time-sensitive, I will contact you via text.

COVID-19 Policy:
In the interests of my keeping my home environment and my students safe, only double-vaccinated students (12 and up) are eligible for in-person lessons in the 2021-22 season.  Non-vaccinated students under 12 are also welcome to take in-person lessons if all other members of their household(s) are fully vaccinated.  Non- or single-vaccinated students are eligible to take online lessons only.  Proof of vaccination will be required on or before the first lesson.
My studio is now equipped with a HEPA filter, and every opportunity will be taken to open the studio windows for adequate ventilation, dependant on the outside temperature (bring a sweater in case it gets a bit chilly!).  Students will be required to use hand sanitizer and/or wash their hands at each lesson, as well as maintaining physical distancing wherever possible.  Although not mandatory, students are very welcome to wear a mask to lessons if they feel most comfortable wearing one, and are also welcome to request I wear one as well.
If you, or anyone you know (family/friends/classmates/colleagues) is ill – even with minor viral symptoms – DO NOT COME TO LESSONS.  You will not be allowed to enter the house, and/or your lesson will be immediately discontinued, if you show or mention any symptoms of illness.  If you are feeling well enough for a lesson, we can schedule an online lesson for that day.
I will continue to abide by the guidance of the BCCDC and PHO, which might mean that if there is a substantial upswing in pandemic cases, we may need to revert to online lessons.  If any student is known or suspected to have contracted COVID-19, we will also immediately revert to online lessons.  By signing this policy, it is agreed that the studio holds no liability for student illness.